I’ve forgotten my user name or password

Click “lost my password” on login screen and enter the email address you registered with.

Do I need to enter all my scores now?

No you just need to enter them before kick off.

Can I change my scores?

Yes. Before kick off time you can change your scores and hit save. Note you can also change your scores after the game but no points are awarded.

Where’s my email?

Please check your junk folder. Check you have entered your email address properly. Contact nrssocial8 Emails are generally checked at 7, 12  and 17:00

The points system seems hard to understand?

This is the standard points system used by over 10,000 prediction sites which use the same app.

My name is not appearing in the rankings?

You need to save at least one prediction to be in the rankings table.

Can non-NRS people enter?

Yes.  Ex-NRS employees welcome.

What are the rules? Can I enter more than once?

There are no rules as this is for fun.  Just use common sense.  The organisers decision is final. Duplicate entries will be deleted.




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